Meet Us!

Thank you for visiting our website.  I am Nicole, founder of Sand & Snuggles and a ridiculously proud mama of two.
Creating a line of family pajamas that reflects the cultures of both Jamaica, where I was born, and The Bahamas where I have lived for many years, came about after having my first child over a decade ago. I wanted to use "little things" from both cultures and the wider Caribbean and make them into playful and unique prints for the family. Having lived in the US and Europe, I have become very appreciative of the "little things" of home and, what feels like a lifetime after the conception of my initial idea, we now have Sand & Snuggles. 
All designs are done by me, and I chose bamboo as the canvas for our island prints as this fabric feels as soft as our Caribbean breeze.  I had to put on my scientist cap to create the perfect fabric which took many, many months and many sample shipments to get it just right. We now have our very own signature custom milled bamboo fabric that transcends seasons. Bamboo stretches, moves and grows with your little ones.   It's been such a fabulous journey creating each print with the help of my two trusted sidekicks and we hope that you will enjoy wearing our creations.
Peace and Love 
✌️ ❤️
Nicole (& Mia & Nathan)😊